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Important Messages
Online Summer Reading Club Rules:

1. All members must be entering second grade or higher in September 2017.

2. You may register on or after June 23, 2017. IF YOU WANT TO SIGN UP FOR ONLINE REPORTING, YOU MUST FIRST SIGN UP FOR THE SUMMER READING CLUB IN PERSON AT THE LIBRARY. After that, all you have to do is log in at this website and record books you have read in your online log.

3. All books must be checked out from the Patchogue-Medford Library and kept at least overnight before you may register or report.

4. When you are ready to sign up for the club, please bring your PML card and the books that you have read to one of our listeners in the CAPS Department. All reading charts are kept here at the Library.

5. There is a limit of nine books PER WEEK for online reporting. If reporting in person, there is a limit of three books PER DAY.

6. For every book that you read, you will earn a credit to be used to buy prizes from our display case. Two credits will be given for books over 100 pages. Please note in your book review if the book had more than 100 pages.

7. For every book that you read, you will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a Summer Reading Club Super Prize. Raffles will be held weekly.

8. When an online report is submitted, it will be attached to the child's reading chart at the Library. It will be the child's responsibility to claim any prizes, raffle tickets, puzzles, and/or play any games that are owed to them on his/her next visit. At that time, any raffle tickets owed will be applied to the current raffle.

9. Online reporting will end on August 12, 2017. Prizes will only be given out until August 12, 2017. If a child returns after that date, they will NOT be able to receive any prizes.

10. Club members are encouraged to read fun and interesting books that are appropriate for their reading level. Librarians are always happy to make suggestions.

11. An achievement certificate will be presented to each member at the final celebration program in August.